The Sea Supply Line
Australia's Merchant Navy in the Second World War

Control the sea road, win the war

At this website we would like to record for future generations, the largely untold history of the role of Australia's Merchant Navy from 1939 to 1946, with particular reference to the War in the Asia/Pacific area.

Serving as crewmen on merchant ships owned by the Burns Philp Shipping Company, we have compiled narratives and photographs from our own, and other veterans' experiences of the war.

Narratives have been included about the fleets of Australian shipping companies and of our immediate allies, as well as individual stories from Australian service personnel. You are invited to contribute your own narratives, poems and photographs about Australia's role during the war.

We would like to thank colleagues whose contributions have enabled this website to exist. As we are a non-profit based website aimed at educating future generations about the Australian Merchant Navy, we greatly appreciate any contributions or donations.

Thankyou and Acknowledgements

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