SS Burnside

One Burns Philp vessel which served in the Second World War though not in the Company's hands was the Burnside. Ordered for building to reinforce the Company's Australia-Singapore-Malaya trade, and of 5659 gross tons, length 428 feet, breadth 57 feet it, like a number of other Australian ships, was in course of building in the United Kingdom as war broke out.

Launched and commencing service in 1940, she was immediately taken over by the British Ministry of War Transport and spent much of the war in cargo service in the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, African and Indian Coast areas.

Unscathed, though somewhat ready for cleanup after more than five arduous years, she was placed in the hands of the owners in Sydney in October 1946, to finally move onto the Australia-Malaya run and to be joined in 1949 by Braeside.