Australian Shipbuilding Board

This organisation was formed, as the Board, in March 1941. Concerned initially with control of overseas ships chartered for the Australian coastal trade, and all ships built by Australian shipyards, its first "A" Class (later becoming popularly known as the "River" Class) ship was commissioned in mid-1943.

By the end of the Second World War, eight "River" Class ships were in service, the new ships being allocated to private shipping companies for management. These eight ships:-

ShipBuiltGross Tons
River Burdekin19435003
River Clarence19435031
River Fitzroy19444958
River Glenelg19444986
River Loddon19445001
River Mitta19455179
River Murchison19455039
River Murrumbidgee19455032

While all of the same general design, were built with the carriage of different classes of cargo in mind, and provided valuable service in a wide range of activity on the Australian coastal trade.